Friday, 4 November 2011

Diseases caused by harmful microorganisms

The following are some example of diseases caused by harmful microorganisms

1.  Tuberculosis
      - Caused by bacteria
      - Spread through air or water droplets
      - Symptoms include coughing, weight loss and sputum streaked with blood
      - Treat with streptomycin antibiotic
      - Prevention is through injection of BCG vaccine 
2. Cholera
     - Caused by bacteria
     - Spread through water or food
     - Symptoms include vomiting and severe diarrhea
     - Prevention is by drinking boiled water and ensuring food is stored properly

3. Flu
     - Caused by viruses
     - Spread through the air
     - Symptoms include a sore throat and runny nose
     - No specific treatment

4. Dengue fever
     - Caused by viruses
     - Spread by the Aides mosquito
     - Symptoms include red spots appearing on the skin and pain in the      

       joints and muscles

5. Malaria
     - Caused by protozoa
     - Spread by the anopheles mosquito
     - Symptoms include shivering and a high fever for a very long time

6. Tinea
     - Caused by fungi
     - Spread through physical contact such as the sharing of towels
     - Symptoms include red spots on the skin
     - Treat with medicated ointment